A Happy Buffalo Reunion!

This morning I met Penny and Jennica at the Buffalo Airport. It was a happy reunion; I hugged Jen and then laid a good one on Penny. I missed them both, but especially my sweetheart.

After transferring my gear from my bike into the rental car, and leaving my motorcycle behind at an airport parking lot, we headed for Niagara Falls. The Falls was beautiful as always. Jen and I took a “Maid of the Mist” boat to the base of the Falls. Wow, what a spectacular sight, not to mention the wind and the moisture.

We then headed for Palmyra, New York, about a two hour drive from Niagara. It was good to see the beautiful green New York landscape again.

Turning off the interstate, heading towards Palmyra, we passed the Hill Camorah on our right. It brought tears to my eyes, knowing what took place there, and to see the sacred place once more. Over the next couple of days we’ll come back and spend more time.

Next we turned left onto a newly completed street called Temple Street. On our left we could see the new Palmyra Temple, set back about a hundred yards through the trees, sitting majestically on a hill. Then we saw the Smith cabin, the Smith frame house, with the Sacred Grove as a backdrop to the two homes. As it was late, we drove to our hotel, the Palmyra Inn and checked in.

After getting everything unloaded and situated in our room (Very nice room, by the way. Much nicer than the Motel 6 rooms I had been staying in this past week), and after learning that the Sacred Grove was open 24 hours a day, we decided to walk through it just before dusk. The entrance to the Grove had changed since my last visit, entering just directly behind the Smith cabin, instead of the Smith frame house. The feeling, however, when we entered the Grove, hasn’t changed. We still felt we were walking on very hallowed ground.

We sat on a bench in the Grove for a few minutes, in reverent silence, listening to the birds sing as we contemplated the event that took place here in 1820. The Grove is beautiful and green this time of year, about the same time of the year that young Joseph knelt down to pray for the wisdom he was seeking. Isn’t it interesting that many important answers and directions we receive in our lives come not until we have prayed in our own sacred groves?

Looking forward to the Sabbath Day tomorrow.

PS. Mamma Stone sends her love to all her children, grandchildren and friends.