A Random Day of Random Things

Left Amarillo, Texas this morning with the temperature in the 30’s, so I adorned myself with my heated clothing (socks, gloves, jacket liner and pant liner), so I kept pretty warm. The temperatures started warming up west of Albuquerque, so I unplugged myself.

At a gas stop I met another biker. It was good to chat with him, since he was the first other biker I had seen for days. This guy was from Russia, and spoke very little English. He had flown to Florida, rented a motorcycle, and was traveling cross-country to California. He seemed as glad to meet me as I was to him. We chatted for a little bit and said our good-byes.

At one point, on a long stretch of highway, I decided to take pictures of the nice truckers. One of them gave me a thumbs-up. (I think)

I ended up in Gallup, New Mexico, for the night. Route 66 runs right through Gallup, so I explored some more route 66 stops.

Tomorrow, I’ll head north, and should arrive at home by evening. This has been a great trip, but I am so looking forward to a normal life again. Tomorrow I’ll make my last blog post. Thanks for everyone’s support and prayers. It has really helped.

See you tomorrow…