Being at the Right Place, at the Wrong Time

Well, I pulled away from home this morning around 10:00 AM, a little later than I wanted. The weather was really nice.

I headed south on I-15, took hwy 6 up Spanish Fork Canyon, turned on my heated clothing as I neared the summit (Glad I had the heat), stayed on hwy 6 until the Crescent Junction, and headed towards Moab, then on to Cortez, Colorado.

I decided to make a slight detour to the Four Corners Monument area, to take a picture of me standing in four states at the same time. This is where I was “at the right place, at the wrong time.” I didn’t realize that the Four Corners area is gated and closes at 5:00 PM. I arrived at 5:10 PM. Bad timing.

“Oh well, I’ll head on to the town of Shiprock, New Mexico to find a motel.” To my amazement, Shiprock, with a population of about 9,000, did not have one single motel. I guess because it is on the Navajo reservation they don’t allow lodging. Go figure!

So, back on the bike to Farmington, about a 30 mile drive. It was now dark. Arriving in Farmington, I had to try a couple of motels before I found one with an available room. Must have been a Navajo Convention or something like that in town.

One nice addition to the day was this beautiful sunset… Must be a good sign.

Tomorrow, I’ll be going through Roswell, New Mexico, the site of the 1957 downing of an alien saucer. I’ll let you know if I run into ET or get beamed up.