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Colorado Trip 2012

Colorado Trip – Day 5 – Home

Today, we left Grand Junction for home. We headed west on I-70 out of Grand Junction, connected with Hwy 6, heading north to Price, Utah then down Spanish Fork Canyon, connecting with I-15 north and home. We were like horses heading for the barn. It was nice to be home safe. This was a great trip, with no issues or accidents. We didn’t even have anyone tip over their bikes. Now that is a first.

Because of the slow upload speed with the wi-fi connections at the RV Camps, we were not able to upload any videos. So here are a few from the trip.

Video on the road with a GoPro video cam.


After riding through 102 temps, we cooled off in the pool. The scream you hear at the end of this clip is an underwater attack from a fish called Jared.


Some underwater fish.

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Posted by Brad Stone - July 22, 2012 at 9:41 PM

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Colorado Trip – Day 4

Trying something different tonight. I’ve loaded all the photos into the gallery below. Enjoy our day!


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Posted by Brad Stone - July 21, 2012 at 10:02 PM

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Colorado Trip – Day 3

Today we traveled from Durango to Gunnison, about 250 miles. Saw some spectacular countryside. Everyone is still safe and having a great time. Almost too great.

The first image is a picture of my trustworthy deer whistles. Basically they put off a high pitch sound that let’s the deer know you are coming. They must work because I have never hit a deer in over 80,000 miles.

Brad’s Deer Whistles. They really work. In 80,000 miles Brad has never hit a deer.

Mike’s Mosquito’s whistle. In over 80 uses, he has never had a mosquito bite. It must really work! (As a side note, Mike is selling these on his website “Mike’s Mosquito Monitors.” They can be found next to the Deer Whistles)

RIP. We lost Wayne on the trip. We are shipping his body back UPS, because Mike, who is a pilot for UPS, gets a real good discount.

Group photo – Near Wolf Creek Pass – Colorado

“Hey, I’ve got this growth on my head” (Jared and Kent)

Jared, having a quiet moment overlooking North Creek Falls, Colorado

Jared and Quin having a quiet moment together overlooking North Creek Falls, Colorado

“Wow, this is really high!”

Wolf Creek Pass, Colorado


On the Road.

Finished the day with a nice Mexican dinner in Gunnison at one of the local joints.

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Posted by Brad Stone - July 20, 2012 at 10:19 PM

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Colorado Trip – Day 2

We had a great day today, filled with fun, frolics, and Cops…


Between Ouray and Silverston, overlooking a waterfall.


Colorado trip

The Durango & Silverton Train


It rained hard tonight. We were fortunate enough to be allowed to pitch our tents under this large circus tent. We stayed dry.


Quin was really happy.


Mike was really mad…


Good times with the boys.


Happy now, but these two fought like a married couple.


Jared and Brad. Ask Jared what we called his helmet.


Having a greasy burger at Maggies in Ouray.


Brad and the Gay Cop from Wild Hogs.

So here is the story. I got pulled over by this real friendly cop. He told me that the speed limit was 45. I told him that I did see the 55 sign, but didn’t see the 45 sign. He took my license and registration and walked back to his motorcycle. It was then that he said to the group, are you guys the wild hogs. Kent said, “Well if we are the wild hogs, then you must be the gay cop.”

When I walked over to him after they had that dialogue, he told me that he was only going to give me a warning until Kent made that comment, and that now he was going to give me a ticket. And I said really? And he said, “No, just kidding.” He gave me a warning, and allowed me to have my picture taken with him.


The Ironton’s mine.

All in all, it was a really eventful day. We are looking forward to tomorrow. We’ll be headed north up to Gunnision, Colorado.

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Posted by Brad Stone - July 19, 2012 at 11:14 PM

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Colorado Trip – Day 1

Today we traveled 321 miles, leaving Salt Lake at 7:30 am, picking up Mike in Orem, then up Provo Canyon to Heber City, then up Daniel’s Canyon and headed towards Vernal. Continuing on into Colorado, we stopped in Rangely for lunch. Then we headed south on hwy 139 and made it into Grand Junction around 4:30 pm. First thing we did, after setting up camp, was to take a nice dip in the pool.

Here are some great shots of today’s ride:




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Posted by Brad Stone - July 18, 2012 at 11:11 PM

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Our Motorcycle Group

Here’s our group that will be riding in the Colorado Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Trip:

Brad Stone

Brad Stone

Adam Anderson

Adam Anderson

Quin Farmer

Quin Farmer

Mike Jarvis

Mike Jarvis

Wayne Marion

Wayne Marion

Kent Johnson

Kent Johnson

Jared Ogden

Jared Ogden

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Posted by Brad Stone - July 16, 2012 at 11:30 PM

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A Rocky Mountain High Motorcycle Trip

Colorado Motorcycle TripIt’s less than three weeks before I embark on a trip with the guys up through the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

We’ll start in Salt Lake City, hook up on Hwy 40 toward Rangely, Colorado, then head south on Hwy 139 towards Grand Junction. CJ will be our first stop for the night.

The next day we’ll continue heading south and hook up on Hwy 550 (Million Dollar Hwy), down through The San Juan National Forest, mining towns and the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Our 2nd stop for the night will be Durango.

We’ll then head east on Hwy 160, up through the Rio Grande National Forest, then north on Hwy 149 towards Blue Mesa Reservoir. We’ll spend the night in Gunnision.

After Gunnison, we’ll head west again, on Hwy 50, then north on 133 toward Glenwood Springs, taking I-70 West to Grand Junction for our last night.

The next day we’ll head home to Salt Lake City, like a horse heading to the barn.

We are looking forward to a real relaxing ride, with beautiful vistas and challenging roads.

Come follow along. I’ll be taking my laptop and will post pics and some narratives each night.

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Posted by Brad Stone - June 28, 2012 at 6:50 PM

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Next Motorcycle Trip

Million Dollar Hwy

The Twisties of the Million $ Hwy

Even though it is still Jan and winter, I’ve been have that etching feeling for the next motorcycle trip. I’ve been considering riding on the million dollar highway in Colorado, from Durango up through Ouray. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this ride. I’ll have to do some studying up on the route and places to see. But I think that is on my list for this year.

So to get some opinions from those that have been on the million dollar highway, I went to trip adviser to read a few reviews.

“This is a gorgeous drive overlooking many spectacular views! We have driven this highway several times, and I never tire of it’s beauty. If you are planning a vacation to Colorado, add this to your list of scenic drives.”

“An awesome ride up thru the clouds and back down into Silverton, CO.”

“Twisties to die for, scenery at every turn, sheer drops from the roadway and places to stop like Ouray to delight the rider. Bring your camera and watch the road. – Rider from Golden, CO “

Looks like I’ll start planning the details and alert my riding buddies, and have something to look forward to as the snow falls outside my window.

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Posted by Brad Stone - January 23, 2012 at 10:00 PM

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