Colorado Trip – Day 3

Today we traveled from Durango to Gunnison, about 250 miles. Saw some spectacular countryside. Everyone is still safe and having a great time. Almost too great.

The first image is a picture of my trustworthy deer whistles. Basically they put off a high pitch sound that let’s the deer know you are coming. They must work because I have never hit a deer in over 80,000 miles.

Brad’s Deer Whistles. They really work. In 80,000 miles Brad has never hit a deer.

Mike’s Mosquito’s whistle. In over 80 uses, he has never had a mosquito bite. It must really work! (As a side note, Mike is selling these on his website “Mike’s Mosquito Monitors.” They can be found next to the Deer Whistles)

RIP. We lost Wayne on the trip. We are shipping his body back UPS, because Mike, who is a pilot for UPS, gets a real good discount.

Group photo – Near Wolf Creek Pass – Colorado

“Hey, I’ve got this growth on my head” (Jared and Kent)

Jared, having a quiet moment overlooking North Creek Falls, Colorado

Jared and Quin having a quiet moment together overlooking North Creek Falls, Colorado

“Wow, this is really high!”

Wolf Creek Pass, Colorado


On the Road.

Finished the day with a nice Mexican dinner in Gunnison at one of the local joints.