Colorado Trip – Day 5 – Home

Today, we left Grand Junction for home. We headed west on I-70 out of Grand Junction, connected with Hwy 6, heading north to Price, Utah then down Spanish Fork Canyon, connecting with I-15 north and home. We were like horses heading for the barn. It was nice to be home safe. This was a great trip, with no issues or accidents. We didn’t even have anyone tip over their bikes. Now that is a first.

Because of the slow upload speed with the wi-fi connections at the RV Camps, we were not able to upload any videos. So here are a few from the trip.

Video on the road with a GoPro video cam.


After riding through 102 temps, we cooled off in the pool. The scream you hear at the end of this clip is an underwater attack from a fish called Jared.


Some underwater fish.