Finally Crossing Texas

Well, another early morning start and I finally got across Texas, crossing into Louisiana. Man, Texas is a huge flat and wide state. I think I am glad to finally be out of Texas. I know that there are some Texas lovers out there, but to me Texas was long, flat and boring.

I do have a question regarding all the oil pumps I saw all across Texas; When they are pumping oil, where is the oil stored? All I could see were single pumps with no tanks or pipes to store or carry the oil.

Before crossing the Texas border, into Louisiana, I noticed this road side “Kickapoo Rd.” I don’t know, it kind of struck me funny. For the next 10 miles I was trying to imagine how on earth they came up with that name. Think about it, and let you mind wander…mine did. 🙂

At my roadside stops I met some interesting people. This is Suzie Mae. She was voted “most likely to succeed” by her graduating class of 4. Her favorite color is blue. And when she grows up, she wants to own the convenience store she is now clerking at.

This is Amy Jo. To take this picture she had to stand on a box so she could be seen from behind the counter. Her favorite color is orange. She is a high school drop out, but plans on going to night school to get her high school diploma. After getting her diploma, she plans on doing Marlboro commercials.

Both gals thought I was a weirdo wanting to take pictures of them.

Today was kind of interesting. Just out side of Houston, as I was driving in the far left lane, as I always do (I feel this is the safest lane for a motorcycle), I just decided to move over for no particular reason. But instead of moving over one lane I moved over two lanes, into the far right hand lane. No sooner had I moved over and vehicles in the far left hand lane started to swerve around something. It was a sheet metal box, about 3 feet by 5 feet long, that must have fallen off someones truck. One car swerved and missed it, and then a pickup truck hit the side of it flipping it in the air and landing right next to me in the center lane, the lane I might have been in. Someone for sure was looking out for me today. Thanks for the prayers!

Going through the State of Mississippi, I came upon a forest fire that was right next to the road and was trying to jump across it. The traffic was still able to get through. As I was driving past I pulled out my camera and took a picture. Sorry it turned out blurry…but it was kind of cool. You’ll have to just take my word for it.

Going through Louisiana I was on one stretch of the road that went for about 20 miles through this swamp land. The freeway was built up on pillars, with swamps on both sides of the road. I would have hated to get broken-down during that stretch, as there was no emergency lane and no where to go.

I also noticed that there is still a lot of unrepaired buildings and signs in Louisiana that were the effects of Hurricane Katrina that went through that part of the country.

Well I put about 525 miles on the bike today, stopping for the night in a little town called Daphne, across the bay from Mobile, Alabama.

Well, to end today’s post, and since I am in the South, I thought I would humor you with a few southern redneck definitions.

You might be a redneck if:

…You burn your yard, instead of mowing it.

…You think “loading the dishwasher” means getting your wife drunk.

…You clean your fingernails with a stick.

…You keep a can of RAID on the kitchen table.

Good night!