Day 12

Today Penny and I spent the day visiting the various Church historical sights in Kirtland, Ohio. There were some very special feelings throughout the day.

This is the Newel K. Whitney store. Built in 1826, it was an important gathering place in the community. Whitney generously provided rooms in the store for Church meetings, offices, and a home for Joseph Smith and his family.

Among many other types of goods, the Whitneys sold shoes. Notice that each shoe of a pair of shoes are identical and can be worn on either foot. This was done so that when one shoe wears out, all you need to do is buy one shoe to replace it.
This is a printout of the store’s register. Interesting looking at the prices of that day.
The Whitney Store goods: Barrel of flower – $3.46; Jar of molasses – .87; Beautiful lady next to the barrels – priceless.
Room above the store where Church Headquarters were located. Sixty five revelations, which are now in the Doctrine and Covenants, were received here. Joseph Smith met around this table with his counselors to conduct church business.
A room above the store where the school of the prophets was held. It was in this room that several of the brethren had a vision of the Father and the Son.
Kitchen in the store in which Emma Smith used to prepare meals.
Kirtland Temple, currently owned by the Community of Christ Church. (RLDS) During the dedication of the temple (an 8 hour meeting) many of the saints saw visions, heard choirs of angels and experienced one of the greatest spiritual events of their lives.
The Community of Christ Church did not allow photos taken inside the temple. So here are two tourist we found standing outside the temple. Handsome couple, don’t you think?
Home in which the Joseph and Emma Smith family.
Penny and I finished the day sitting on a park bench overlooking the great (And I mean great) Lake Erie. The lake covers 9,940 square miles.
See you tomorrow!