Day Eight, Saturday, June 5th

My destination today was Palmyra, New York, a short jaunt of about 300 miles. It was suppose to rain most of the way there, but I really only got a few drops. Again, the weather was tempered for my behalf. I really have been fortunate with pretty good weather. The temps were in the upper 70’s. Ideal riding temp.

I stayed on I-90 (A toll road) the whole way. By the time I got off in Palmyra it cost me $11.50 in tolls, almost as much as my gas for that distance.
Along the road, every forty to fifty miles, they have these Service Areas, where you can stop for gas, food and restrooms, without getting off the toll road. I’ve never really understood the need for toll roads. They seem like a pain to have to stop and pay all the time. I would think that the state government could figure a better way for paying for their roads, like gas tax or state tax. Anyway, just my two cents worth.

Just outside of Albany, New York I crossed the historic Hudson River. While crossing, I reflected on the use of the river in fighting the battles for our nation’s independence. It was General Cornwallis who lead the British troops across the Hudson River for an attack on Fort Lee. To escape certain defeat, the army of George Washington retreated across the Hackensack River at the New Bridge to avoid entrapment on the narrow peninsula between the Hudson and Hackensack rivers.
You are probably thinking, “This Brad guy is one smart history buff.” Even though I do enjoy history (I didn’t while in school), I Googled this information to add an historical twist to my Hudson River crossing today. Hope you enjoyed a little piece of American history.

Once I arrived in Palmyra, and checked in at the Palmyra Inn (Very nice Inn), I decided I should do some laundry, since I didn’t have any clean clothes left.
While in Palmyra until Tuesday morning, I look forward to visiting all the historical church sites. Tomorrow and Monday I’ll post some pictures and stories of my visits.
See you tomorrow!