Day Five – Wed, June 2nd

When I checked the weather forecast last night and again this morning, it looked like I was going to be driving in rain for most of the day. So I thought to myself, “Well Brad, how strong is your faith?” As I evaluated my answer to this question, I thought if the Lord thinks it will be safer for me to travel on dry roads, then I think He would help me out here. So I said a little prayer and asked, according to His will, if He could temper the elements in my behalf.

Well, it was cloudy all day and I didn’t get one drop of rain… until I pulled into my stop for the night. I’m a big believer in prayer. It has certainly helped me out time and time again while driving my motorcycle. I can literally fill pages of experiences where I had been protected on the road.

Now, on to today’s trip.

Can I just say that Canada, at least this area of Canada, is just gorgeous! My trip today was spent driving through a continuous forest of pine trees. I noticed a lot of logging trucks, so I’m assuming that lumber is big business here.

After spending a full day in Canada, I had to do some rearranging in how I perceived some things.

For example, this sign doesn’t mean the speed limit is 90 miles per hour. When I first saw this sign I thought, “Wow, I’m going to make some good time today.” Well, this sign means 90 kilometers. One mile equals 1.6 kilometers. So this speed limit sign is really saying, “Go no faster than 56.25 miles per hour. “Rats, I’ll never get to where I need to today in a timely fashion!” The scenery was beautiful, so the slower pace was okay.

Then when I stopped at my first Canadian gas station and saw the price of gas, I was elated with how cheap it was. But upon closer review I discovered that the price quoted was for a liter of gas. (About the amount of one nice sized soda drink) Holy cow, after doing some calculations, I concluded that I was really spending almost $4.00 a gallon.

Well, then to top that off, my room last night at a “budget motel” Super 8 was almost $130. So tonight I thought I would downsize into a poorboy’s motel and checked in at the Econo Motel. My room tonight is only $110 (Now, that is more like it; You know how many accessories I can get for my motorcycle for these prices?). Wow, Canada is expensive. I’ll bet, however, they have a really good Health Care program!

Back to my trip. Today I traveled 403 miles (Real slow miles) or 649 kilometers. In addition to the pinewood forest I rode through, I traveled along the north channel shoreline of Lake Hurlon, a rather large body of water, and the north shoreline of Nipission Lake. (Anyone want a stab at how to pronounce this?)

I’m spending the night in Pembroke, Ontario, voted the “prettiest little city in Canada, in 2006.” Everything up here in Canada seems pretty. However I did meet a few ugly people… but they had sweet spirits to compensate. All the Canadian’s are really nice and friendly. I feel safe in Canada.
See you tomorrow!