Day One

We all met at my house on Thursday morning at 8:00 AM. We left at 8:30 on I-80 headed east. The temperature was in the low 70’s, ideal weather for traveling.
Our first stop was Evanston. The new guys had to walk off the sore backsides, but with every mile became more hardened to long-distance riding. We then stopped in Rock Springs for another fill up, then headed north on hwy 191 towards the Big Horn National Forest.
As we headed across the lonely Wyoming desert, it was hot and flat and kind of boring. However, the flat, boring Wyoming desert has a unique beauty in and of itself. Kind of like an ugly baby that still has it’s cuteness.
Heading up toward the Big Horn Mountains. We traveled up through a majestic rock canyon. The newbies at this time were carrying a pride of the ride, and were displaying ere of confidence. After traveling almost 400 miles at this time, they were veteran riders. 
Awe, finally our campsite for the night, Lakeview campground, overlooking Meadowlark Lake in the Big Horn National Forest. Although it was infested with mosquitos, and really damp, it was nice to have a place to lay our tired heads for the night.