Day Three – Made it to the Oregon Coast!

It was a beautiful morning as we road from Cougar, Washington to Mt St. Helens. Having seen pictures, and remembering the eruption of the volcano in 1980, it was breath-taking to view the actual scene.
Our ride was through a lot of twists and turns, climbing in elevation to reach Windy Ridge, overlooking Mt St Helens and Spirit Lake. We had some mechanical problems with one of the bikes, but soon got it fixed and continued on our way.
We then set out for the Oregon Coast. It was an awesome sight to see the “painting like” coast.
We had a difficult time finding a place to camp, as for some reason the entire population of Oregon decided to camp out on the coast for the weekend. After checking half a dozen places we finally pulled into a place around 9:00 PM and paid $20 to put up our tents in a field.
Tomorrow we’ll continue down the Oregon coast and hopefully into the Redwoods of Northern California.
(Sorry, the pictures are not in any particular order…and I’m too tired to rearrange them, so you’ll have to determine where you think the pictures are taken.)