Day Two

Barry’s traveling companion, Freddie Kruegar. As cars passed, they always did a double-take, and at gas stops it was a topic of conversation.

We finally reached Sturgis, just after a nice little thunderstorm. We were fortunate to have missed it.

Here are the Sturgis boys.

On our way to Sturgis the second day, coming down out of the Big Horn Mountains, Jeff Henrie’s bike’s clutch started slipping. We limped down off the mountain to a bike shop, expecting the worst. But after some checking, it was determined that he had a dirty hydraulic tube. Once cleaned, we were on our way again.

Speaking of Jeff Henrie, he is our token Gold Wing guy. Gold Wings are to bikers, what a red cadillac is to an old person.

Our trip today was through some sharp curvey curves. But, we took it safely slow. (This comment is for our wives who are fearful of wreak less driving) We have been very careful with our speed and driving. However, Quin did get pulled over just outside of Sturgis for not making a complete stop at an intersection. The officer asked Quin to please climb into his cop car. They had a friendly conversation. They laughed… they cried (Well Quin cried), and the cop gave Quin just a warning.

Two loving, but really different brothers.

Here is the best looking bike at Sturgis. (The bike, not necessarily the guy) Actually, Jared has one hot looking bike. His get’s all the looks.