Daytona Beach

I’ll be staying in Daytona Beach with Penny until Friday. (She flies in tomorrow morning) Here’s a video taken off our hotel balcony.

Some information about Daytona:

Daytona is known for its race car racing, bike rallies and spring break. Although the spring break crowd has diminished over the years, with the kids going to other exotic places, Daytona still gets a few spring breakers. I learned that this week is the beginning of spring break for a lot of kids.

It is interesting, yesterday was the last day of Bike Week, with most of the bikers gone, and today is the beginning of spring break and kids are starting to arrive. It should be an interesting week. Fortunately, Penny and I will miss most of the excitement, as we are planning on spending a day or two down in Orlando. Thanks to Mike Jarvis’s head’s up on the Space Shuttle launch on Wednesday night, we’re planning on being there to watch it. It should be spectacular at night.

Daytona, home of the Daytona 500, which just occured in February, has long been a racing town. With its flat, smooth and hard-packed beach sand, it has been ideal for racing along the beach front. Starting in the early 1900’s cars and motorcycles would race along the beach. This continued until 1959, when the Daytona Raceway was built.

Well, as my bike and I sit on the beach and watch the waves break gently along the silky smooth sand in 80 degree weather, we’ll have a moment of silence for those of you freezing back home in the snow and cold weather.

Until tomorrow…