Downtown Sturgis is Quiet

Sturgis Bike rally

Downtown Sturgis

As the Sturgis bike rally approaches, the week preceding the rally is relatively quiet. The crowds should start filtering in this weekend. A lot will be happening this year. Paul Sr. of American Chopper will be making an appearance at Buffalo Chip to help raise funds for “The Kids & Chrome foundation through BIC 4 Good.

As in years previous, the men in blue will be out in force, so keep your peace. Just if you are interested, here are some of the city and state ordinances and the attached fines:

Indecent Exposure – $111.00
Open container in Public – $61.00
Deposit of Filth – $86.00
Disorderly Conduct – $111.00
Careless Driving – $91.00
Eye protection required – $20.00
Helmet required under 18 – $94.00

Have fun, and be safe!