Fall is in the Air

winterizing your bike

Fall is in the Air

Winterizing your Motorcycle

With the changing of the temps, and Fall in the air, it is time to start thinking about getting your bike ready for a long winter’s nap – That is of course, if you are blessed, gifted, and down right lucky to live in a warm climate like Florida. However, even if you live in Florida, it is a good idea to do some annualized maintenance on your motorcycle.

Motorcycle Oil

If you are getting your motorcycle ready for a cold winter, then it is a good idea to change your oil, as well as your rear drive lube.

Gas Treatment for your Motorcycle

Put some gas treatment in like sta-bil or seafoam. I usually like seafoam, because it not only treats the gas, but it also helps in cleaning the deposits off in your input areas of your engine.

Motorcycle Inspection

You should inspect your bike completely for any loose nuts or bolts, take a lightweight oil and lubricate all your moving parts, and do a good cleaning to remove any contaminants that may have splashed up on your motorcycle.

Motorcycle Tires

Check the air pressure in your motorcycle tires.

Motorcycle Battery

Lastly, plug in a battery tender. I have an attached plug to my battery so that all I have to do is plug in the tender. Some of you may need to remove your motorcycle seat to gain access to your battery. Might even be a good idea to just remove the battery completely and hook up your battery tender.