Finished another Sturgis Trip

Well, we finished another fun-filled week in the Black Hills and Sturgis. As always, we stayed in a quiet remote campground called Roubaix. It is a beautiful area with pines and a lake. Not some dusty, hot pasture, where you pay premium prices and enjoy loud noise all night long.

The journey to and from Sturgis were great routes, staying our first night in the Big Horn National Forest, and on our return route, traveling over the Bear Tooth Hwy and down through Yellowstone Park.

It is always a pleasure to travel with good bikers, who know how to have fun without the expense on others. (To read our daily blog of the trip, click on the “Sturgis Trip 2010” icon to the right.)

I’m looking forward to next year’s trip, which may be through the northern California coastal areas and a few national parks, or maybe a Colorado trip through some old mining towns and an overnight stay at Lake Powell.

Until then…