Getting ready for a Long Winter’s Nap

So winter is here, and it is time to put your motorcycle to bed for the winter, unless you are like me, who has ridden my bike every single month since the day it was purchased.

There are some maintenance procedures you should perform to prepare your bike for a long winter’s nap.

First, you’ll want to add a fuel stabilizer that will prevent the fuel residue from oxidizing and turning to varnish. (Not a good thing if the varnish gets into the carb or injectors.) After putting in the stabilizer, run the bike for 10 to 15 minutes to allow the chemical to work its way into the carburetor system.

Next, make sure you change out your oil, even if it appears to not be too dirty. Residual fuel and contaminants in the oil can oxidize during the prolonged storage or inactivity. Changing your oil now removes all the sludge and dirt that would otherwise start to deteriorate. Also, by having fresh clean oil in your bike will ensure a clean fresh start up in the spring when you crank it over for the first time.

Hook up a battery charger or tender to keep a full charge on the battery all winter long.

Then clean your bike. There may be road salts that could begin to corrode and damage metal surfaces.

Check your tires for proper inflation.

Cover your bike, and tuck her down for her long winter’s nap.

Then dream all winter long for an early spring, when you can ride again.