Headed North, up the East Coast

After seeing Penny off at the Daytona Beach Airport (Which was hard to do), I headed north, up the east coast, leaving behind a comfortable 80 degree temperature. The further north I road, the colder it got.

After traveling about 120 miles, I crossed over into the State of Georgia, known for its peaches and the site of the 1996 Olympics. I found some interesting laws for the State.

It is against the law to:

To use profanity in the presence of a corpse.

To spit from a car or bus, however, citizens may spit from a truck. (I think it is okay from a motorcycle, but you have to be careful it doesn’t blow back into your face)

No one may carry an ice cream cone in their back pocket if it is Sunday. (Good thing it isn’t Sunday!)

All citizens must own a rake. (Good thing I just passed through Georgia, because I don’t think I could fit a rake on my motorcycle.)

Crossing the border into South Carolina, the temperature dropped into the lower 50’s. I stopped and put on a fleece jacket under my leather jacket, and swapped out my gloves for a warmer pair. By the time I decided to stop for the night, the temperature had dropped down to the low 40’s.

Tonight I am staying in the town of Orangeburg, North Carolina. In this town in 1968, a protest was staged at a whites-only bowling alley. In what became known as the Orangeburg Massacre, officers of the South Carolina Highway Patrol got involved in an altercation with the protesters, firing their guns into the crowd, killing 3 and wounding 27.

Tonight the town seems quiet…so I should get a nice sleep.

Checking the weather for tomorrow, it appears I will be traveling most of the day in the rain, so I think I’m going to make it a short day and only travel about 250 miles to Pilot Mountain, North Carolina, an area rich in Stone family history. I hope to look up a few dead ancestors. (I’ll be careful to not use profanity in their presence.)

See your tomorrow!