Keyhole State Park to Sturgis

Keyhole State Park in Wyoming, was a beautiful campground, overlooking Keyhole Lake. But when the sun went down, the bugs came out, and so did Kent’s bug net.

Sunday morning, we all sported our Sunday best, and prepared to saddle up our horseless carriages for the LDS branch in Sundance Wyoming. And then the devil struck Adams bike with a demon of destruction, completely neutralizing his electrical system. A few stayed with Adam to help him with his bike, and the rest of the group headed for the Sundance Branch. The branch meeting was doubled in size with our attendance and had a special spirit.

Adam and his group caught up with us at Woody’s Garage to determine the problem. Woody said it was a bad battery and gladly replaced it for $143.

The gang, hanging out at Woody’s. By the way, Woody didn’t have a very good command of the english language, so he used a lot of the same words (bad words) about every four or fifth word in a sentence.

We stopped at Devil’s Tower the day before, just as the sun was setting, hoping to see a close encounter with something out of this world. All we shall was a mountain with its top cut off.

Barry, who recently returned from Hawaii, hasn’t changed his clothes from his island advantage.

We finally arrived in Sturgis, along with 521,305 other motorcycles.

We learned something in Sturgis. We haven’t been saved. So this guy, dragging a cross, tried to save our souls. We gave him a Book of Mormon and went on our way.

Chad ran into some “Kiss” band members and decided that they needed to stick out there tongues for the camera.

We ran into some interesting people.

We lost Barry, but ended up finding him here.

Kent, sporting his new German look.

We then proceeded to Mt Rushmore in our search for the National Treasure.

Two sets of prominate people…some in granite, some in need of a shave.

On our way back to our campsite in the Black Hills of South Dakota, and having riden through a down pour, we stopped by an Apline lake and enjoyed the sun set.

We were smelly and dirty, so we decided to bath ourselves. Not really sure what Kent was grabbing?

Chad doing his impersonation of a dolphin.