Motorcycle Trip – Leaving Palmyra

Today I left Palmyra, headed west towards Kirtland, Ohio. As I got closer to Buffalo, NY, I started to see these signs for Niagara Falls. So I began having this conversation with myself. Should I or shouldn’t I take the time to go to Niagara Falls? I have been there twice before, and I’m sure the Falls has not changed much since the last visit. But on the other hand, it is only 17 miles out of my way. But then again, I would have to cross over the border into Canada and can I put up with the stress of being interrogated again? (I really don’t have anything to hide)
So, at the last minute, I turned my bike toward The Falls. I’m glad I did. As before, The Falls were breathtaking, but for only 30 minutes…let me explain.
I started to have another conversation with myself. Do I really want to park my bike with it packed with all my personal stuff, and risk someone ripping me off? Can I just pull close enough off the side of the road and snap a quick picture and never leave my bike?
Well, as I turned into the parking area for The Falls, the price of parking, $18.00 quickly helped me decide. I turned around and headed back towards the border. On the way I found a little parking area, next to The Falls, where I could pay $3.00 for 30 minutes. So I did.
I was able to walk (Run) over to the “photo taking” area, and still have my bike in sight, take a number of pictures and run back within 30 minutes. Wow, that was worth it!

This is American Falls. Called American Falls because it is on the American side. How original.

This is Niagara Falls. Ever thought about going over this in a barrel? The thought made me feel all tingly inside.
Your’s truly with mist coming out of his armpit.
Your’s truly again, but with the American Falls on my right, and a little of Niagara on my left.
On the shores of Lake Eire. Man this is one big lake.
Finally arrived in Kirtland. What a beautiful place. More to come later.
So today I traveled through Upper State New York, into Canada, then back into the USA, across a portion of Pennsylvania, and part of Ohio, along the shore of Lake Erie. Sounds like a lot, but I only traveled about 280 miles today. Just a drop in the bucket for ol’ iron butt man.
My sweetheart is flying in tomorrow, and will join me for three days in Kirtland. Can’t wait for her arrival. I’ve missed her a lot. I’ve been one lonely guy for ten days…and I mean really lonely…
See you tomorrow!
PS. Again, no rain today. The Rain Gods are smiling on me.