Kirkland Ohio – Motorcycle Trip

Today was spent visiting the Martin Harris Farm, the Peter Whitmer Farm, the Grandin Book Store, and one last visit to the Sacred Grove

Martin Harris Home

Peter Whitmer home where the Church was officially organized on April 6, 1830.

Inside the Peter Whitmer home.
Second floor of the Peter Whitmer home and place where the Gold Plates were translated into the Book of Mormon.
Grandin Bookstore where the first 5,000 copies of the Book of Mormon was printed.
One of the original printing presses used.
A photo copy of the original printer’s copy (Second copy of the manuscript) that is in Oliver Cowdery’s own handwritting.
Dock on the Erie Canal where the printing press was delivered to Grandin’s bookstore.
One last stop at the Sacred Grove, before leaving tomorrow morning for Kirtland, Ohio.
Palmyra has been a special stop on my cross-country trip. I’ll miss the special feelings that were felt in all the places I visited.
See you tomorrow!