Day 15

Left Wisconsin Dells at 9:00 AM, headed towards North Dakota.

Putting about 450 miles on the bike, I landed in Fargo, North Dakota for the night.

The day was kind of uneventful, other than (And please don’t get tired of hearing this) the forecast called for rain, and guess what? No rain!

All I can say is that with no rain, my risk on the motorcycle is greatly reduced. So I am very grateful for another dry day. Let’s see what tomorrow holds, because according to the radar map, I’ll be riding through some rain in South Dakota.
Tomorrow I will actually be riding through Sturgis, South Dakota, site of the annual bike rally of about 500,000 motorcycles. It will be interesting to see what it looks like with no bikers.
The drive today was through a lot of wide open spaces. However, there was a stretch through Minnesota that had lakes blotted all over the countryside, really quite pretty.
My stopping point for the night, Fargo, North Dakota, is named after William Fargo, founder of the Northern Pacific Railroad and Wells Fargo. Shortly after the railroad came through, Fargo was named the “Gateway to the West.” In the 1880’s it was also known as the divorce capital of the Midwest for its lenient divorce laws. Glad I don’t need to use the town for that. “Right Honey?”
Well, tomorrow I head through Bismarck, North Dakota, and then start working my way back home. Looks like I’ll take a number of backroad’s highways to I-80.
See you tomorrow!