Heading for Nauvoo

As I opened my eyes this morning, I held my breath as I looked out my hotel window, hoping for blue skies and no rain. My prayers were answered.

Loaded up the bike, set my GPS for Nauvoo, Illinois, and left around 10:00 AM (Sorry, I was tired and the rest felt good) Leaving Omaha, I stayed on I-80, until I hit Des Moines, Iowa. Then my GPS had me taking some different back roads to Nauvoo. I really had to have faith in my navigational friend, because I didn’t have a clue where it was taking me. I ended up taking a longer route, time-wise, but a more beautiful one. I saw some awesome country side.

Today’s song: “America the Beautiful.”

Arriving in Nauvoo, I rode down mainstreet, reflecting upon the events and the people that once occupied this place. I thought it a little ironic, in a modern day way, that I was riding into town on an iron horse, compared to 164 years ago when Joseph and his brother Hyrum rode out of town on horseback to Carthage.

After reaching the end of town, and turning a corner, my breath was taken away as I gazed upon the Nauvoo Temple. What a sight. This majestic building overlooks the Mississippi River. As I stood at the base of the temple, overlooking the immensely wide Mississippi, I couldn’t help but think of the miracle that took place here when the first group of saints made a February crossing over a frozen river.

I’m planning on a 2 to 3 day stay here. More to come…