Getting Ready to Leave – Motorcycle Trip to New York

Well, I’ve just about got everything ready to ride east into the rising sun on Friday morning. I’ve made my packing list and checked it twice. My bike is fully serviced and ready to go.

I have a calm excitement as the day approaches, looking forward to the beautiful vistas, unexplored places and friendly people. With the hours upon hours of a rumbling engine, I’m eager for my time of solitude and personal meditation.

I’ve received mixed comments from family and friends sharing their concern for going the journey alone. It is hard to explain to a non-motorcyclist, but there is something about riding down a lonesome road with your thoughts, the wind in your face and surrounded by God’s masterpieces. I really won’t see myself alone on the road. There will be the newly acquired friends at every truck stop, the good roadside samaritans, and the unseen guardian angels.

I’m looking forward to going at my own pace as I take a historical journey through Mormon history and the places and monuments which formed this beautiful country. With each stop, I will feel reverence for the ground I stand on and the people who sacrificed for my religious and democratic freedoms.

I hope to share with you a journey that will renew your spiritual feelings for God and a love for this country.

I’ll talk to you again Friday night. Until then…