Northeastern Trip – Day 17

Well, here I am somewhere in Wyoming. Today, I decided to take my route from Sturgis through the Black Hills of South Dakota. As always, it was a spectacular drive.

Here is a stretch through the Black Hills National Forest. If you look close enough, you can see wet roads, with blue skies in the background. It must have rained really hard last night for the roads to still be wet. But no rain on me… 🙂
More Black Hills. Ever wonder why they are called the Black Hills? The name has its origins from the Indians of the area, and they look black from a distance.
For my biker buddies, here is a picture of the campground we’ll be staying at in August, the same one we stayed at 2 years ago. Nice and quiet, and away from Sodom and Gomorrah.
My bike in front of Pactola Reservoir.
A picture of five prominent faces. You know the guy on the far left…but do you know the names of the other four?
Stuck at a construction stop for 30 minutes somewhere in Wyoming.
Speaking of Wyoming, long stretches of road, and wide open places.
My last stop, Independence Rock, before landing for the night in Rawlins, Wyoming.
I put in just about 400 miles today. Temps started off in the low 40’s, and ended the day around 80. All in all, a nice day with good weather. Tomorrow will be my last stretch of road until landing home once again.
It has been a wonderful trip, seeing a lot of new places, covering a lot of road. By the time I arrive home, I will have logged over 6,000 miles in 18 days. Not too bad for an old guy with a very dependable motorcycle. I’m glad I had the time and ability to make the trip and check off my remaining states. But, I am very much looking forward to being home.
From the words of Forrest Gump; “I’m pretty tired…I think I’ll go home now.”
See you tomorrow!