Oakdale, CA to Yosemite Park – Day 5

We left Oakdale, CA this morning at 9:00 headed for Yosemite Park. We had to take an alternate route which added an additional 100 miles to our route, due to the fire that is only 15% contained. It is now considered the biggest fire in California history, having burned over 150,000 acres.

The fire is north of Yosemite Park, and not considered a threat to the Park. At least, not at this time.

On our way to Yosemite, we passed a large outdoor Aircraft Museum, called the Castle Air Museum. It had over 56 planes on display. Anyway, as we passed it, I looked in my side mirror and saw Mike just drooling. He is a commercial airline pilot, having flown 27 years, for UPS.

So we pulled over and stopped. As we went from plane to plane, I was impressed with his knowledge of each aircraft. As we would approach another plane he was say, “Oh, that is a B23, or a C56.” Then we came to a plane called a Convair RB-36H Peacemaker, and he went ballistic. He was like a kid in a candy factory. He said, “Do you know how rare this plane is?” “This is one of four still in existence.” He spent a lot of time kicking the tires, pounding on the body and just gazing at it. We were finally able to pull him away.

All of us were impressed with the SR-71 Blackbird Jet. Just to give you an idea of how fast this plane is…one flew from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. in 64 minutes, at an altitude of 80,000 feet.

If I can load any pictures tonight, I include a picture of this plane.

We were able to find an open camp site right in Yosemite for the night. It seems there were a lot of cancelations from people concerned with the fire.

At camp we made friends with a couple of chipmonks.

Tomorrow we’ll start making our way home.