Our Last Day – Home at Last

Home at last. We drove a little over 2,500 miles in 7 days. We made 35 gas stops, drank 254 gallons of water, gave the “two finger” wave (a biker’s secret signal to other bikers) 1,254 times, push started two motorcycles, fixed one flat tire, repaired one gas starved motorcycle, put up and took down our tents 6 times, saw Bigfoot twice (Once in the woods, and once using one of the RV Park bathrooms) and relived all of the adventures of “Wild Hogs.” Now we’ll dream able next year’s trip.
We ran into this homeless gal

Our tour through the Lehman Caves in Nevada

More of the Cave

And more…

Our last night stay, was at a Baptist Church/RV Park

At the Baptist Church, we could have spiritual sanctuary, use the rest room and shower, sometimes all at the same time. We cleansed our inner soul, as well as our outer soul.

Our camp spot for the night. This was actually our last option. We did receive an offer from Peter, the bar owner, where we had dinner. He said we could camp in his gravel parking lot. So, we chose the Baptist Church. They even had hot showers.

The spelling was not the best in Austin, Nevada. Butt, Iam knot one two critasize pipol fer there spilling.