Penny Arrived! And Spring Break is in Full Swing!

This morning I awoke, showered, shaved, cleaned the hotel room (I wanted to impress Penny) and headed to the airport to pick up my sweetheart. On the way to the airport, I realized that our anniversary was this Thursday and I hadn’t gotten a card for Penny. So on the way to the airport I stopped at Kmart, had a “hallmark moment” in the card section by shedding a tear, and made it to the airport in time.

I had a nervous excitement as I awaited the arrival of Penny’s plane. I really missed her a lot. We kind of made a scene in the airport as we embraced. Good to have her with me!

As we took a long walk down the beach, it was evident that Spring Break was in full swing as we noticed a lot of “brain-dead” kids doing stupid things. Several times throughout the day we expressed our gratitude for the wonderful and perfect kids we had raised.

Later in the day, Penny needed to get a pair of sandals and was extremely excited when she found out that she qualified for the “senior’s discount.” For some reason they offer a lot these specials in Florida. “Go figure.”

Tomorrow we’ll head down to Orlando and Walt Disney World for the day, and then over to the Kennedy Space Center that night to watch the launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery. Should be a fun filled day.

Until tomorrow…

PS. My blog for tomorrow will probably be posted on Thursday, as it will be a late night when we get back to the hotel.