Some Additional Pictures

Eureka, Nevada – Known for its Gold Mining

On the Loneliest Hwy

Treking across Nevada

More Hwy

… and more

Two BFF’s

Traveling across Northern California

Through the Redwoods of California

Two Big Foots… One is hairy… and one is not.

Bikers between two logs

Crossing Northern California

Camping in the California Redwoods

Beautiful Oregon Coast line

One of many bridges we crossed

Pacific Coast Hwy 101

We were at great risk of a Tsunami

Men in Black

Three Men in Black, and one in Yellow

Camping in a wide open field in Garibaldi, Oregon

Mt St Helens overlook

More Mt St Helens Overlook

Bikers discussing the wonders of life

Kite surfing on the Columbia River, Oregon side

Columbia River, Oregon

Looking good in black leather

Crossing Idaho

“Now where did I put that Mt Dew?”

A biker dude

Our token “old guy.” Just weeks away from the big 60!

Our token “student” guy. Just weeks away from 17!

Pondering the imponderables

Our saviors in the desert: Ma and Pa (Relatives of Pete’s) They drove 50 miles to pick up Brant’s bike and haul it to Burley for a tire repair. Thanks Ma and Pa “I forgot your names.”

Our four hour wait in 100 degree temperatures.

“Hey, it’s not my fault that a nail jumped into my tire and delayed our trip by 6 hours.”

“Let’s see if we can plug up the hole with some chewing gum.”