Southwest Motorcycle Ride – Day 1

Getting ready to leave

Awe, the wonderful epic journey of the wind in our face and the road ahead, as we explored new vistas of the Southwestern States.

Due to time restraints we shortened our trip, starting out on a cold Thursday morning, Braden, my newly acquired son-in-law, and myself, left Salt Lake City around 8:30 am, with the temps in the low 40’s, headed south to hook up with Barry, my brother, and Mike, a good friend. Actually, Mike is considered my “BFF,” (Best Friend Forever) in Orem, Utah

After hooking up with them, we continued our journey south to Lake Powell for our first night.

Taken on our houseboat that night.

We have a houseboat down on the Lake, so that was our first night stop. Mike, pictured to the left, is a digital junky. A commercial pilot by trade, loves all his gadgetry.

We were going to take the Lake Ferry across to continue the next day, only to find that the Ferry was not operating and was out for repairs. That problem added about another 50 to 60 miles to our trip.