Southwest Motorcycle Trip – Day 2

East end of Lake Powell

Day 2 we left the comfort of the houseboat, climbed on our motorcycles, knowing that the next 4 nights would be spent in sleeping bags and tents, not to mention nights in the 30’s. Yes, it was still cold. Where did our spring go?

We headed back to the highway and headed southeast, crossing over the grand Colorado River on the east end of the lake.

We traveled on our motorcycles for awhile before coming to a junction that would head due south to Mexicanhat, Arizona. What we didn’t realize, was a portion of this road was about 13 miles of dirt road. Kind of tough on the motorcycles.  We took it slow, but saw some unbelievable landscape.

Over looking the east end of Lake Powell

The further south we headed, the warmer it got, with temperatures in the 80’s pushing into the 90’s. Awe, but on a motorcycle you have natural air conditioning.

We finally made it to the south rim of the Grand Canyon. It has been many, many years since I’ve seen the Grand Canyon. It is still a big and deep Canyon, with not much change.  It was interesting though — everywhere we stopped, Europeans and Asian’s were taking pictures or our motorcycles. I guess they don’t see the big motorcycles in their countries.

The Grand Canyon and 4 biker dudes