Southwest Motorcycle Trip – Day 3

Mike with the Grand Canyon behind his behind

Day 3 of our motorcycle trip, we decided and debated of heading on to Laughlin, NV and Las Vegas, or backtracking a little and going around the Grand Canyon, from the South Rim to the North Rim. We concluded it would be cooler, since the temps down in Las Vegas were in the 90’s. So we headed back around. I’m kinda glad we did, because we saw some beautiful vistas, and a death-defying leap off a high bridge over the Colorado. (I’ll explain in a minute)

So we headed back towards Page, Arizona, gassed up and headed towards the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and Jacob’s Lake. On our way we stopped at the famous “horseshoe bend” in the Colorado.

Horseshoe bend of the Colorado

I’ve seen pictures of this place, but never in person. It is a lot more impressive in person. A problem I had in getting a decent picture of the full horseshoe bend was I needed a wide angle lens.  None the less, it was impressive.

As we were crossing over a bridge, next to an old bridge, by Lee’s Ferry, we noticed a group of people standing in the middle of this older bridge. Curious, we stopped to see what was going on. If any of you are afraid of heights, then do not look at these pictures. As we approached the group, we saw that they were bungee-jumping off this bridge, which had to be over 300 feet from the Colorado river below.

Japanese guy getting thrown

As I look out over the edge of the bridge, my insides started doing back flips. It was high. We watch as this one Japanese kid stood up on the ledge of the handrail, and decided he couldn’t jump. So six guys threw him off. As he was free-falling, I could hear him yelling something in Japanese.

Anyway, that was fun to watch.

We got to Jacob’s Lake to stay for the night, and was told that the North Rim was closed and wouldn’t open until the next day. We didn’t have enough time to drive there the next day, so we decided to push on towards Zions National Park, after a good night’s sleep. That night it dropped into the low 30’s.