Southwest Motorcycle Trip – Day 4

motorcycle ride through Zions Park

Barry and Braden

After our overnight stay at Jacob’s Lake, we climbed on our motorcycles and headed north towards Zion’s National Park. We even passed through Colorado City, birthplace of Warren Jeff’s and his sixty children. Arriving at Zion’s upon our motorcycles we paid our fee and took a tour bus to tour Zion’s. Beautiful, tall mountains, with shear cliffs.

The bus driver can hear and see everything!

It was interesting…we sat in the back of the bus. I was minding myself, but Barry and Braden were being unruly. We then noticed a sign in the back that said the bus driver could hear everything we said. So Barry, having had chili for lunch, wasn’t very quiet.

Zion's long tunnel

After our tour, we pressed our motorcycles on toward Bryce Canyon National Park. Still in Zion’s we rode through a long tunnel through the mountain, with our motorcycles displaying the loud sound of our pipes.

Arriving at Bryce Canyon, we pulled into the Ruby Inn’s campground and put our motorcycles down for the night. They had hot showers that were to die for. Best shower I’ve ever taken.