Still Riding in Winter

Friday, my son-in-law Jared Ogden and I, rode our motorcycles to the shores of the Great Salt Lake. The temperatures were in the mid 30’s, but we dressed warm. I have heated clothing that plugs right into the battery of my bike. My gloves, jacket and pants liners and socks are all interconnected and lined with heating coils. It is the price one must pay to continue his passion during the cold winter months. Since purchasing my current bike in 2004, I can say that I have ridden my motorcycle every single month of the year. I’m good in the cold, as long as the pavement is not snow-packed or icy.

Upon reaching the shores of the Great Salt Lake, it was evident that the level of the lake has dropped significantly. Many years ago, when Utah had experienced several wet years, with high runoffs, our then current governor of the State, Norm Bangerter, had these huge water pumps installed west of the Lake to pump the lake and reduce the threatening water levels. Had the lake continued it rise, there would have been extensive damage to surrounding homes and businesses. Now the pumps sit dormant, a reminder of our once high-water flood problem. The project itself cost the taxpayer 60 million dollars and was used for two years.
As with any ride, it was good to climb upon the iron horse, allowing the wind to encircle the bike and the rider–freedom at its finest.