Sturgis Motorcycle Trip – Photos

(Above) Hanging out in Sturgis.

(Below) Hanging out in Sundance, while Adam’s bike was getting repaired

“Look at me, a bug flew in my mouth and I swallowed it.”

Mike Jarvis, the new guy in the group, packing two helmets, just in case he breaks one.

Our campsite in Rocky Mountain National Park. We were only allowed to put on tents in designated places, so we were pretty cozy that night.

I was able to catch Josh smiling, so I took the photo.

Quin, getting ready for a rain storm…but, he looks like he is getting ready for a snow storm.

Suiting up for rain just outside of Loveland, Colorado

Our campsite in the Black Hills.

We had a few times along our trip where we had to stop for road construction.

We are at 12,050 feet elevation in Rocky Mountain National Park. Everyone is pointing upward (with index fingers) indicating that they are on top of the world.

Came across this biker dude, so I took the picture.

Over looking the city of Estes Park, Colorado in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Mike doing his impersonation of an Egyptian guy.