Our Sturgis Trip – Day 1

Well, we arrived at Flatrock Campground, our first night’s stay. The trip from Salt Lake and Island Park was pleasant and enjoyable.

Kent says: “Hi Mom, Hi Noah.” (Side note: Kent shared with us his childhood trauma of eating oat meal and hiding it in a napkin behind the refrigerator.

Chad says: “I miss my babe” Hi Cayden, daddy wore his helmet and yes the pipes are hot.”

Mike says: “Hey dear, I only had six diet cokes today.” (side note: Mike will be up all night)

Josh says: “I am wondering if Kim has killed both the kids yet?”

Adam says: “I am so glad I brought my wet wipes.” “Also, I miss my wife and children.”

Quin says: “I miss my baby and beautiful wife. We are eating like kings.”

Tim says: “Good company, and nice to be back in Idaho, you all.”

Dave says: “The steaks are thick and good.”

We are all getting along and having a great time. Miss our families.

Good night!