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Lake Tahoe to Humbroldt Redwood Forest – Day 2

We only traveled 363 miles today, but it took us 12 hours to do it. Leaving Lake Tahoe at 9:00 this morning, we arrived at our camp destination at 9:00 tonight. The reason for the long, slow day was due to our route. We traveled through several mountain ranges in Northern California, with roads that were very twisty and narrow. So our average speed was around 35 mph. But we traveled through some absolutely beautiful countryside. We are now camped in amongst the Giant Redwoods of California. We don’t have very good reception here to upload any pictures, so I’ll upload them tomorrow. It is late, so I’ll sign off tonight and see you tomorrow.

Posted by Brad Stone - August 24, 2013 at 12:07 AM

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Lake Tahoe – Day One


We left this morning at 6:30 and hooked up with I-80 heading west towards California. We hit a little bit of rain as we passed Tooele. Temps were pleasant until crossing the center of Nevada, then it warmed up. As we approached Reno, the skies were filled with smoke coming from a couple of fires around Yosemite. We heard that over 60,000 acres have been burned so far.

Adam’s bike ran out of gas just outside of Lake Tahoe. We were able to siphon some gas from one of the other bikes, and made it to a gas station.

We arrived at the Tahoe State Park Campground at Lake Tahoe around 7:00 pm, having traveled about 600 miles today.









Posted by Brad Stone - August 22, 2013 at 10:31 PM

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