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Day Five

Today we left South Dakota and crossed into Wyoming, then up into Montana. The day was hot, dry and sticky. It was pretty much a day of just going from one location to another.







We did very well today in avoiding the rain, except for our last 10 miles into Red Lodge, Montana.

We sought shelter under a Sinclar awning.

Our camp for the night at the Red Lodge KOA. Tomorrow we will be traveling over the Beartooth Hwy, one of the premier motorcycle routes.

Today was a bitter/sweet day. When we arrived at camp I had received a message from Penny that her mother had passed away. She was a very classy woman, who will be greatly missed.

Thank you Olive Mae Crowton for leaving a wonderful legacy. May God take you into His loving arms.

Until we meet again.

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Posted by Brad Stone - August 9, 2010 at 10:11 PM

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Day Four

First thing this morning, we got ready, cleaned up, put on our best clothes and attended the LDS Church meeting in Sturgis. With our presence, we doubled the attendance. The locals were very happy that we came. One of the members who gave the closing prayer, even prayed for our safety on the road.

Barry even attended… and the building did not fall in, nor did fire come down from heaven. You can’t see it in this picture, but Barry wore his hawaiian shirt and shorts to Church.

All our bikes parked outside the Church.

Gary, new to long distance riding, has been doing pretty well, considering his uncomfortable sit.

David is growing out his beard to blend in with the crowd. I think he’ll need three more years of no shaving and baths before he’ll totally blend in with the crowd here.

BFF’s forever!

Barry has worn these same shorts this whole trip.

Jeff has acclimated quite well to the Sturgis environment with his new black leather vest.

Mike and myself are the token old guys. It takes all our combined strength and persuasive powers to keep this group in line.

Later in the day we had a close encounter of the third kind at Devil’s Tower. We didn’t see ET, but we saw a lot of weird people that were out of this world.

Gary trying out Mike’s new Victory Motorcycle. Roxy (Mike’s wife), it’s my fault. Mike said he needed approval on this one, so I gave it to him. You won’t see the purchase until next month when it shows up on your bank statement.

You see all kinds in Sturgis.

Well, tomorrow we leave the wonderful state of South Dakota and head for Yellowstone and the Beartooth hwy. The weather has been near perfect so far on our trip. And Sturgis, the city of Sodom and Gamorrah, wasn’t totally destroyed while we where here. Maybe next year.

See you tomorrow.

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Posted by Brad Stone - August 8, 2010 at 9:08 PM

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Day Three

Today, was an awesome day, full of beautiful vistas, majestic mountains and good companionship. We started the day taking a plunge at a Hot Springs pool. It was a good excuse to take showers after two days of sweat, dirt and grime.

The gang at the Crazy Horse Monument.

The gang at Mount Rushmore.

Jared threading the needle. This canyon road we drove through had some awesome tunnels and vistas.

Trekking through the Black Hills.

One of Quin’s evening activities.

Getting just the right angle.

Today was a day of Park fees. $10 here, $5 there.

Inaddition to Quin Farmer, we saw other farmers.

Five prominent faces. Can you name them all?

See you tomorrow!

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Posted by Brad Stone - August 7, 2010 at 11:29 PM

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Day Two

Barry’s traveling companion, Freddie Kruegar. As cars passed, they always did a double-take, and at gas stops it was a topic of conversation.

We finally reached Sturgis, just after a nice little thunderstorm. We were fortunate to have missed it.

Here are the Sturgis boys.

On our way to Sturgis the second day, coming down out of the Big Horn Mountains, Jeff Henrie’s bike’s clutch started slipping. We limped down off the mountain to a bike shop, expecting the worst. But after some checking, it was determined that he had a dirty hydraulic tube. Once cleaned, we were on our way again.

Speaking of Jeff Henrie, he is our token Gold Wing guy. Gold Wings are to bikers, what a red cadillac is to an old person.

Our trip today was through some sharp curvey curves. But, we took it safely slow. (This comment is for our wives who are fearful of wreak less driving) We have been very careful with our speed and driving. However, Quin did get pulled over just outside of Sturgis for not making a complete stop at an intersection. The officer asked Quin to please climb into his cop car. They had a friendly conversation. They laughed… they cried (Well Quin cried), and the cop gave Quin just a warning.

Two loving, but really different brothers.

Here is the best looking bike at Sturgis. (The bike, not necessarily the guy) Actually, Jared has one hot looking bike. His get’s all the looks.

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Posted by Brad Stone -  at 10:51 PM

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Day One

We all met at my house on Thursday morning at 8:00 AM. We left at 8:30 on I-80 headed east. The temperature was in the low 70’s, ideal weather for traveling.
Our first stop was Evanston. The new guys had to walk off the sore backsides, but with every mile became more hardened to long-distance riding. We then stopped in Rock Springs for another fill up, then headed north on hwy 191 towards the Big Horn National Forest.
As we headed across the lonely Wyoming desert, it was hot and flat and kind of boring. However, the flat, boring Wyoming desert has a unique beauty in and of itself. Kind of like an ugly baby that still has it’s cuteness.
Heading up toward the Big Horn Mountains. We traveled up through a majestic rock canyon. The newbies at this time were carrying a pride of the ride, and were displaying ere of confidence. After traveling almost 400 miles at this time, they were veteran riders. 
Awe, finally our campsite for the night, Lakeview campground, overlooking Meadowlark Lake in the Big Horn National Forest. Although it was infested with mosquitos, and really damp, it was nice to have a place to lay our tired heads for the night.

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Posted by Brad Stone -  at 10:15 PM

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Leaving tomorrow morning

We’ll be leaving tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM from Sandy, Utah, heading east on I-80, then picking up Hwy 191 north in Rock Springs, Wyoming, following the highways to the Big Horn National Forest, where we’ll be spending the night at Meadowlark Lake.

Friday morning we’ll head into Sturgis and the Black Hills, setting up our camp at Roubaix Lake, just outside of Deadwood, South Dakota.

I may not be able to post any pictures or content until we reach our camping spot Friday night, unless I’m able to get reception at Meadowlark Lake. If so, check back later.

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Posted by Brad Stone - August 4, 2010 at 7:44 AM

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