Tending your Motorcycle During the Winter Months

On a warm Florida Beach

Well, winter is officially upon us here in Utah. The temps have been down in the low teens. Since 2004, when I purchased my VTX 1300, a month has not gone by that I have not ridden the girl.

During the winter months, I feel it is important to start the bike up every few weeks, and let it warm up to running temperature. I’ll usually hop on it and run down to the store, or even just around the block. It helps to get the warm oil worked into all internal areas of the engine and crankcase, lubricating the bearings and other moving parts, keeping a film of oil on the internal metal.

I also make sure that the battery tender is still functioning properly. I’ve had a feel tenders stay on and not automatically turn off, drying up the battery.

And, if I don’t go out regularly to check on the ole girl, I start to hear whimperings coming from the garage. So, check your bike regularly during the cold winter months. Even sitting on the seat, closing your eyes, you can imagine a warm spring just around the corner.

Happy riding!