Thanks to a nameless deputy!

It was a beautiful Monday–Skies were clear, temperatures were warming. I had a meeting in Provo, so I decided to ride my motorcycle down from Sandy.

Upon my trip home, traveling in the I-15 HOV lane in Utah Country, I passed through a construction zone. I wasn’t quite sure how fast I was going, but it appeared that I was going with the flow of the traffic. A Utah County Sherriff’s truck pulled in behind me with his lights flashing. I must have been going faster than the posted 55 mph. I pulled over, and was greeted by a very pleasant officer. He asked if I knew why he pulled me over? And I responded that I was probably going too fast. He kindly pointed out to me that it was a construction zone, with a posted 55 mph speed limit.

He then looked at my motorcycle and said, “nice ride.”

“Thanks,” I said.

“What kind is it?” he said

I said “An 04 Honda VTX 1300.”

I then shared with him that I’ve put about 68,000 miles on it, riding cross-country through just about every state in the union. He smiled, and asked to see my license, then walked back to his truck to check it out. Upon his return he informed me that I had a clean driving record. I let him know that my last ticket was about 30 years ago, and was pretty clean until today.

He said he wasn’t going to give me a ticket. And wished me safety, and sent me on my way. As I climbed back on my bike, I thought that perhaps my bike saved me from a ticket, but as I drove on, it became alarmingly clear why I was pulled over.

Getting back on the freeway, I had driven no more than a minute, when a Highway Patrol car sped past me with his lights flashing, and then started swerving back and forth in front of me across four lanes of traffic. With each swerve, he would slow down, until all the traffic behind him was to a slow crawl.

Looking ahead I saw another HP who was dragging a large piece of road debris that was lying across the HOV lane of the freeway. It looked like a large piece of metal.

It then occurred to me, that had the sheriff’s deputy not pulled me over when he did, I would have hit this large piece of metal and would have surely laid my bike down. This could have been a serious accident, and maybe even fatal.

Call it what you want—Good luck, timing, divine intervention. For me, I was grateful to a nameless deputy sheriff who singled me out and pulled me over, even though I may have been going with the flow of the traffic.

He probably saved my life.