Yellowstone to Keyhole

Sorry about the lack of last night’s blog post. There was no signal at the Whitney Ranch outside of Billings, Montana, where we stayed. So here are two days worth. After having a sleepless night of worrying about bears getting our food, we headed for Yellowstone Park. The Park was beautiful, amazing and breathtaking as usual. We had a great time, brothers on their hogs. After the Park we drove up and over the Bear Tooth Highway. Adam said that that was the most beautiful scenery he has ever seen. Once coming down off the mountain, the temperature reached 106 degrees before reaching Billings and the ranch. We were greeted by Ruth and Nicki Fortney, long time friends (Baptized by Brad 35 years ago on his mission), and hosted at the ranch of Cami Whitney and her son Marshall. Speaking of Marshall, that night we talked him into eating a Montana Nocturnal Dragon Beatle for $25, a half day’s wage for Marshall. While at the ranch we were fed a great chicken dinner and breakfast in the morning. With the rising of the sun, it was Saturday, we mounted our iron stallions, and rode off into the horizon, but not before Quin, laid his bike down, not once, but twice in the same place. (Quin, we love you bro, but you are always good for a laugh) We stopped at Little Big Horn where we saw Custer’s last stand, and then pressed on to Devils Tower. On our way, we ran into a couple of Hell’s Angels, fortunately they let us live and ride another day. We finally reached Keyhole State Park, our destination for the day, and took a dip in the lake. Can you tell if we skinny dipped or not?