Motorcycle ridesMotorcycle riding is one of those pastimes that becomes ingrained with you the more you do it. Riding, with the wind blowing in your face, and the wide open vistas, has a therapeutic process that calms the soul.

To have longevity in your riding, there are four areas that need particular attention: Preparation, Maintenance, Planning and Safety. If these four areas are addressed properly, you’ll enjoy motorcycle riding without too many incidents.

This website is dedicated to these four areas, bringing you tips, insights and good prices on products to improve and maintain your motorcycle. Also check out our blog which documents many motorcycle trips throughout the United States.

I is important to realize that motorists (cagers) just don’t see motorcycles, so we need to  keep an eye out for those that don’t see us. Always assume they don’t see you and prepare to brake or move out of the way. You life will depend on it.


If I could boil down the essential elements of motorcycle riding, it would be to “expect the unexpected,” “make yourself visible” and “look after your gear,” meaning use proper gear to protect you, as well as maintain your motorcycle.



I came across this infogram from the website. It kind of reminds us of how important it is to protect the various parts of our bodies. Cars have been designed with all the safety precaution areas of the cars to protect it’s passengers, all we have is the gear we wear. So wear the appropriate protection.