Day Eight, Saturday, June 5th — 3 Comments

  1. You look so much like Uncle Barry in the picture that is second down from the top. I am jealous you get to go to all these amazing church sights. I want to do that someday. Be safe and you are in our prayers.

  2. Spent some time in the Sacred Grove on Saturday. An amazing place with an amazing feeling.

  3. Sounds like another good day Brad. Your one blessed dude to have avoided the rain again! Enjoy your time there in Palmyra. We're trying to figure out when to get our family back there to see the sights. I once spent three weeks there when I was 12 as my dad helped with electrical work on the Hill Cumorah in preparation for the pageant and then we got to be in the pageant. Pretty cool experience although I didn't enjoy it as much then as I would now. Have a good one!

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