Day Five – Wed, June 2nd — 5 Comments

  1. I should be in Vermont this afternoon. It will be good to be back in the US where prices are more reasonable. I hope they let me back across the border. I am starting to have high anxiety.

  2. Glad you avoided the rain today. Nothing like a bit of divine intervention! I remember the first time I drove into Canada and thought the same thing regarding the speed limits and gas prices. Have you picked up any Looneys or Twoonies (1 and 2 dollar coins as the canucks call them)? I rode up the SLC today and got my sleeping bag at Barlow's. Awesome riding day around here unlike yesterday. Hopefully you'll be coming home to decent weather when you return. Keep it safe my friend!

  3. Prayers are amazing! We have missed you. Gavin loved talking to you today! Thanks for the interesting facts about Cananda. Now I know I don't want to live there. It seems confusing. Love ya!!

  4. I'm glad to here that you avoided the rain. Last night when I saw the weather report I was thinking about you and hoping for the best. Rainy days definitely makes you appreciate the sunny days even that much more!

    If I'm guessing correctly, you'll be entering into the US tomorrow. Hopefully the boarder coming in wont make you as nervous.

    Take care and ride safe!


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