Day Four – Tuesday, June 1st — 6 Comments

  1. Checked the weather this morning before shoving off, and it looks like the rain will be minimal. That's good!

  2. Had to look at a map to figure out where Sault Ste Marie was. I've flown over it many times but it was usually dark when doing so. It's further north than I was thinking as I've stayed in Hamilton, Ontario numerous times and I've seen allot of road signs pointing the way to Sault Ste Marie. I didn't realize it was that far from Hamilton.
    Looks like a good trip so far. Hope there's not too much rain. I went on a ride with Bob and Jared today and we hit some rain toward the end of the ride. I certainly wouldn't want to do that for long! Stay safe my friend!

  3. Ira: Every year, with my cross country trips, I always seem to run into rain. Just the law of averages. I typically don't mind, as long as it is not too heavy of rain, and not day after day. It makes the dry days that much more enjoyable. Review the weather reports, it looks like I'll be riding in some rain tomorrow. I just put on the rain suit and ride slower.

    Two years ago, traveling to New York, I picked up a storm when I left Salt Lake and it followed me for three days. I got tired of that. But, after three days, I didn't have any more rain the rest of the trip.

  4. Derrell: Sorry, some of the pics will link and some won't. Not sure if it is the blogspot program not pulling them in or something else. It certainly can't be my computer…because it is a Mac. 🙂

    I'll work on it tomorrow night.

  5. You said it is raining now. Have you spent much time in the rain riding? Last fall I spent 6 hours straight in the rain and that is one of the things that keep me from doing a trip like you are riding. It was not that fun for that long. (But I had to be somewhere)

  6. Start linking your pics so we can enlarge them. Please? Looks like a beautiful, fun trip. Stay safe.

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