Day Six – Thurs, June 3rd — 7 Comments

  1. David Kent: I didn't notice any marks on the monument. But then again, I wasn't paying close attention.

  2. Ira: All my lights go through a fuse and the ignition system. I'll need to figure out a way to have some just go through the battery, but will need to remember to turn them off when the bike is not running.

    My wife will join me on Wednesday in Kirtland, Ohio. Looking forward to it.

  3. One site I have not been to. I have hit most everything up in that area. Are your accessories going through a relay and on separate fuse box?

    How long until your wife joins in? This is when I will have mine start reading this. I am trying to convince her to do a trip. I need her to see the fun.

  4. Guess that miniature Vegas light show you got going there finally did you in, eh? I agree though, nothing like a bunch of lights to help the cagers see you on the road. Glad it was a quick fix. I had my own electrical problem yesterday as my alternator quit on my truck. One of the scout leaders on my son's scout trip lost his alternator too so it must have been a bad day for electrical issues for we saints!

    I need to get my family back that way some day to see all those church history sights. Have a good and safe time seeing it all!

  5. Sorry to read about the issue with the wiring. I'm glad you were able to get it fix and get back on the road so quickly.

  6. Wow great trip! I had a mission zone conference in Sharon, Vermont, special place. Does the monument still have a mark on it when it was hit by lightning?

  7. If you keep adding the accessories you will have to add a huge alternator 🙂

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