Getting ready for a Long Winter’s Nap — 2 Comments

  1. Sorry Jared, I just saw your comment. As far as stabil, I've been told (Probably another forum wisdom) that you should pour it in the gas tank, let it run for about 10 15 minutes so it works its way into the carb float reservoir. That is not as critical on injection engines. All I know is that I have used stabil for years and have not had gas problems from long storage. But, on the other hand, I usually ride at least once each month of the year.

    I also use Seafoam about once a year, just to clean things out.

  2. Question for you Brad. I was explained (forum wisdom……) that the big difference between stabil and seafoam is that stabil doesn't actually mix with the gas. It was explained to me that stabil actually floats on the service of the gas to keeps the oxygen from contacting it, which is what causes it to go bad. Seafoam on the other hand mixes with the gas.
    If that is true, letting the bike run for a few minutes with the stabil isn’t going to do anything, but burn gas.
    I have no idea if the difference between the two products is true or not. Do you have any more insight?

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