Keyhole State Park to Sturgis — 4 Comments

  1. Kent I hope you cleaned yourself real good. It looks like you missed a spot. That is awesome to see all those bikes in Sturgis. It has been kind of nice with Quin on the trip so I can have an excuse to buy somethings too. Us moms deserve to splurge a little bit too. We love you Quin and miss you tons!!

  2. Nothing to make you feel more like men than those scruffy faces. What a cool guys’ trip! I’d just like to know who the woman is inside the mosquito net??? Oh and can someone please do something to Josh’s bike so that I can justify MY spending over the last week? Wait… I think I am okay thanks to all the FEDEX and UPS deliveries that showed up in the weeks prior to the trip.

  3. Sounds like fun, but none of this what happens in Sturgis stays in Sturgis stuff. Okay?
    Oh Adam I am glad to hear that you spent $143.00 on your bike. You won’t mind so much that I spend that on jewelry this week. Ha Ha! I miss you. Only 2 more days. Love you!!!

  4. Today I heard that if you rode into sturgis on a foreign bike(honda suz,kaw,ect..) they hang your bike from a tree! With over 500000 bikes.. I am sure you were able to fit in! Can anyone afford a Victory or Harley Cruiser these days anyways? Wild Hogs The movie… where they were skinny dipping…. I thought would have been some sort of an influence on you guys while you were cleaning yourselves… What’s up no skin? How about a gay Cop?

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