April 1, 2021
How to change headlamp on 2001 Honda Goldwing GL1800

Step by step tutorial on how to change a burned out headlamp (Headlight) on a 2001 Honda Goldwing GL1800.I replaced my burned out headlamp with an H7 replace...

November 5, 2020
Mirror Lake, Utah.

Last ride before winter. Mirror Lake Highway, Utah.

October 27, 2020

As the temperatures drop in Salt Lake City, I've probably taken my last ride of the season.
In the off season, I plan on replacing the seals and guides in my two front shocks, as well as changing ... See more

October 25, 2020

Decided today to take a quick trip around the Oquirrh Mountain, just west of Salt Lake. Out in the West Desert I came across Penny’s Cafe. My wife’s name is Penny. My ride today was about 130 ... See more

September 24, 2020
Photos from USA Motorcycle Rides's post

Day 14 - Hwy 101 Trip
Because of a cracked coolant tank that I tried to repair with some gorilla tape, and discovered it was still leaking, I decided to cut my trip short and book it home. So today I ... See more

September 24, 2020
Day 13 - Hwy 101 Trip

From San Diego to Havasu Lake

September 24, 2020
Day 12 - Hwy 101 Trip

From Ventura to San Diego

September 24, 2020
Day 11 - Hwy 101 Trip

San Francisco to Ventura

September 24, 2020
Days 7, 8, 9, 10 - Hwy 101 Trip

Time spent with Penny in San Francisco

September 24, 2020
Day 6 - Hwy 101 Trip

From Garberville to San Francisco. Ended up dodging a fire.

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